About Us


Robert E. Dunne, a.k.a., Bob, has been active at his work as an artist all of his adult life.  He was an award-winning television Art Director in New York City and has worked with oils and pastels doing professional portraits, ads, cartooning and caricatures.  His work is represented in offices, board rooms, and many private collections.  

Bob is an artist who truly enjoys imparting his vast creative knowledge on to others.  In recent years, he taught portrait painting to students at universities in the Atlanta area.  He also created an art instruction book geared to children demonstrating how to take complex images and break them down to their basic shapes in order to capture them on a page.  

 Once inspired by the movements of the noble horse, Bob put aside portrait painting for six years to study horses in all their forms of action.  According to Bob, "the idea is to picture the horses in the middle of their activity, as if caught on the fly, to make a more convincing painting."  It is the same with his portraits.  It's been said that he captures the human spirit in his paintings, creating breathtaking family portraits. 


The creation of such a vast array of beautiful horse paintings led to the desire to offer those in print form.  This allows for purchase of a work of art in the size of a note card, or as a major statement to place on your wall.  Bob's daughter, Donna, has taken on the role of manager for this purpose.


    ~Bob and Donna