Children's Art Book

Found At Last! A Treasure Chest of Easy Ways to Draw

This is a 32 page illustrated spiral bound book sold separately, or as a kit that includes a work book and a pack of colored markers. 

Learn a technique to draw a more perfect cirlcle

This is designed for young children to learn simple ways to draw complex images.  Starting with the basics, Bob brings them step by step to a complete image.

Learn how to see simple shapes in every day objects

Bob points out key shapes (square, triangle, circle, etc.) in various things children see in the world around them.

Not just for the young, but also for the young at heart

For those of you who always wanted to learn to draw, this book lays out some practical steps that anyone can use, whether you're 8 or 80.  This helps you learn the basic skills, and gives some advanced information for those who want to take it further with a little practice. 

What did people say they liked best about the book?

  • the concept and simplicity of instructions
  • the details, the color, the approach
  • easy to understand, colorful, this book has a personal touch
  • the fun and easy way about how to draw
  • my niece is able to follow along with the author
  • the concept, and how it reaches to the user's level of understanding
  • it really teaches you how to draw using objects

Buy the book, or buy the kit? What to do, what to do?

Treasure Chest Book = $18+tax, S&H

Treasure Chest Kit = $25 + tax, S&H